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Stan Stabler ALEA

Stan Stabler

Secretary of Law Enforcement

Secretary of Law Enforcement Stan Stabler is a seasoned law enforcement officer who has been appointed the second Secretary of Law Enforcement of the State of Alabama by Governor Robert Bentley.

Secretary Stabler is responsible for the overall safety and security of Alabama’s citizens, visitors and travelers, encompassing an area of 52, 419 square miles, a population of almost 5 million people and an agency’s annual budget that exceeds $225.4 million. His governance oversight includes the management and direction of the state’s Department of Public Safety, State Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Criminal Justice Information and Fusion Centers, and an assortment of other consolidated enforcement agencies.

Secretary Stabler’s experience spans more than 30 years of academic and professional development, which includes a variety of law enforcement and management assignments. He is a graduate of the University of South Alabama, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement Administration with dual minors in Criminal Justice and Psychology. In addition, he holds a number of professional academic certifications that include dignitary protection, incident command, computer forensics, hostage/crisis negotiation, operational intelligence, SWAT, k9 handler, traffic homicide investigation; and he possesses a professional license in the forensic field of polygraph. Prior to his appointment as ALEA Secretary, he held the position of Chief of Dignitary Protection Services.

Secretary Stabler’s strategic aim is to successfully guide ALEA in meeting the challenges and opportunities so squarely at the forefront of societal change and public safety demands; and to develop strategies to further the Agency’s ascendancy to the pinnacle of 21st-century policing. Major components of this endeavor include the mitigation of crime, the safety of Alabama’s highways and waterways, the reduction of organized criminal enterprises and corruption, the containment of terrorism, and the continuation of the legislative reforms that brought ALEA into existence.